Anna Tsatsaki

Anna has more than 15 years of experience in Talent Acquisition, where she has recruited personnel across multiple industries, levels and job roles across the UK. She has worked in both Recruitment Consulting environments and Recruitment Partnering roles within HR departments. She has been an Assessment Centre interviewer and assessor for Graduate level roles and also recruited experienced professionals at middle and senior management levels. She is an expert in competency based, skills and cultural fit interviews, and has designed assessment processes and interview questions for different departments. Some of her most recent industry experience is in Management Consulting and Professional Services with global firms such as Capita, North Highland and DLA Piper.

Anna was born and raised in Greece and attended university in the UK where she studied Management and International Business degrees. During her studies, she worked closely with many Chinese classmates and gained an appreciation of their culture and work ethic. She has first-hand experience in studying, living and working in a new country, where she went through the language and cultural barriers and challenges herself, but importantly learnt to successfully overcome these and build a rewarding career in the UK.

Based on her personal experiences, along with her expertise in recruitment and passion for helping others shape their careers, she is in a great position to support Chinese students equip themselves with the life skills, knowledge and confidence required, not only to succeed in the first steps of their career, but also to build strong foundations that will become the pillars of their future career development and personal success in a global labour market.

電話 :010-8244-7198
郵件 : [email protected]



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