Bill Tyrrell

Bill has over 40 years’ experience in pharmaceuticals, law, communication, science and research. As a qualified UK and European Patent Attorney, he has headed up global teams with lawyers from over 40 different countries, including China.?He has also worked in roles covering coaching, mentoring and recruitment and has run his own company.

Bill was educated at the University of Oxford where he studied Chemistry. He left with a doctorate and joined Beecham Pharmaceuticals as a researcher in the field of heart disease, including working with a team engaged in a genetic engineering project.

He then studied to become a UK and European Patent Attorney. Thereafter Bill took on increasingly senior roles with SmithKline Beecham and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), managing a growing team of Patent Attorneys and working outside the UK, in Belgium, heading the entire EU patent area for a period, and eventually becoming interim Head of the Global Patent Department with a large team of 150 lawyers and support staff. Bill finished his 40 year career with the company as Head of Collaboration and Communication for the Legal Department reporting to the General Counsel. This involved liaising with some 650 legal staff in over 40 countries to promote a ‘one legal’ ethos and working to establish a common philosophy globally.

Bill has been member of the senior GSK legal team, setting parameters for recruitment of legal staff and for legal diversity and inclusion. Bill is also a Chartered Chemist and has lectured many times at the Royal Society of Chemistry Medicinal Chemistry School and elsewhere and is the author of several publications on patent law and chemistry.

More recently Bill has been involved with communication and language skills, set up his own business and obtained a further qualification in teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, before joining Mandarin Consulting as a coach in 2019. Bill’s corporate and management experience will prove a real asset to all candidates wishing to enter the corporate world.

電話 :010-8244-7198
郵件 : [email protected]



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