COACH Carolyn is a highly experienced HR Professional, Coach and Coach Supervisor, with 30 years of varied experience in Recruitment, HR and Coaching. She has worked across a range of industries including, oil and gas, FMCG, engineering and retail. She has additional experience in the Public Sector within the NHS and the Police Force. Carolyn has a passion for coaching and developing people’s full potential, both in their careers and in their lives generally.
She began as a Recruitment Consultant and throughout her career she has interviewed, assessed, advised and coached candidates from entry level through to executive level, so she is well placed to provide support and encouragement to Mandarin Consulting clients. She already has experience mentoring and coaching young professionals with their careers and job applications and has worked with a range of other people returning to work after a career break.
Carolyn has managed international graduate rotation schemes, notably while living & working in Denmark for Carlsberg.  Her role with Carlsberg and working for the Northamptonshire Police Force gave her extensive Assessment Centre experience. Her role at Carlsberg also included the management of expatriates worldwide across APAC, including in China, and EMEA, so she understands the importance of cultural diversity and the exciting challenges of living and working in a different country.
She has professional qualifications as a Business & Personal Coach (ICF accredited at ACC level currently) and a Post Graduate Certificate in Career Talent Management. She is a Fellow with the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (FCIPD) and has a BSc (Honours) in Psychology.
Carolyn currently works part-time as an HR Director and on a variety of other coaching assignments. She is ideally placed to share her 30 years’ expertise with MC candidates.
電話 :010-8244-7198
郵件 : [email protected]



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